Saturday, 12 March 2011

Clay leftovers and cutters

Like probably all of us, I have loads of clay leftovers, cane ends, dirty clay pieces, etc.

I separated all my leftovers into groups of different colours, and mixed every group into one colour. I ended up with a lovely collection of muted colours:

Also I had a great number of various little cutters, most of which I never used:

The muted tones of clay leftovers reminded me of retro floral patterns, so after combining my beautiful clay leftovers and those tiny cutters here what came out:

Multicolour necklace:

If you didn't like the patterns of the beads, you can wear a necklace from a wrong side:))

Bright patterns of black background:

A few pendants in retro style :)

And just red and white beads

That is it for now :))

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


While visiting us, my mother taught me how to find a little time for hobbies with a baby in the house :))
So here what I created so far, using my new and old flower canes:

Pink beads and white agate

Lilac beads


Black and white beads and snowflake obsidian

Black and white pendant and black agate beads

Inside the polymer clay beads I've put some Sculpey Ultra light to make polymer beads a bit lighter :)