Thursday 1 May 2014

Long time no see

Hello! What a long time it has been since my last post! That is all because I have not been doing much polymer clay jewellery making or sculpting. I can not seem to be able to fit sculpting in my life alongside with a growing and demanding 3yr old very active boy, and my work. Could whoever know a secret on how to fit hobby in your busy life please share it with me? :)) I've also had a knee surgery about 4 weeks ago, back to work now, and doing lots or exercises trying to gain more mobility in that knee :)

I thought I'd post a link to my shop here :) Although I do not do any more jewellery, I still have a big box full of pretty items :)


  1. I am so sorry about your knee problems and surgery. I have gone through that. I have missed seeing your work but understand how your day must fly by with work and 3 yr. old. A 3 yr.old can keep you pretty busy! I know, I have a grandchild who is 3 and she keeps me on my toes! I wish I could give you advice on how to squeeze everything in one day, but I know time flies so enjoy your little one! Also, make sure you take time for yourself! Glad to see you back!

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