Saturday, 28 March 2009

Making polymer clay cakes

Making a cake base:
I mixed white, translucent and ochre Fimo to get the right colour. Roll out the clay to a required thickness, then cut out the shape. While the cutter is still in clay, press out a hollow in a cake base. Remove a cutter and give a cake base right texture with a tooth brush and shape it with a knitting needle.

For giving a cake the baked look I mixed two pastels into a colour slightly darker than the clay itself. Then applied it just to the top of the base.

Making whipped cream. Mix some white clay and liquid clay to a smooth uniform condition. Fill a syringe with the paste and sqeeze it out onto the cake.

Decorate a cake as you wish. I used my strawberry cane and made a few whole strawberries.

I made a second cake from leftovers of the first one.

Slicing a cake. Give a rough texture on a slice's cut :)

That's it :) Bake a cake in the oven and then cool it down. Glaze the strawberries.

Then take lots of pictures :)))

Bon appetit!


  1. OMG!!!!!!!! How did you make the strawberries?? was it hard to make??
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  2. Sorry for the late reply! Did you mean the whole strawberries or a strawberry cane?

  3. For making strawberry cane I used a word description of it by Diane B, found here and some inspirational pictures on flickr.
    Strawberry cane starts with a triangular cane of plain translucent (maybe with a little of white clay). Then you wrap two sides of it with a translucent clay mixed with some red clay. The third layer is complex. You make it the following way: place some red on top of the translucent, then divide both layers into as many segments as you want, put thin white stripes into the spaces between segments, then assemble all segments back together, and wrap you triangular cane with the resulting layer.
    To finish the cane, wrap it with a layer of plain red.
    My strawberry cane is here, it is my first (and the only) one, not perfect, but looks good in slices.

  4. Thanks for this information!! and keep up the cool work.
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  5. where can you find the liquid clay???

  6. Internet shops, e-bay, for example.

    Check out here

  7. Woooow...great work! I like a lot your blog and your creations! :)

  8. Hello. I am charmed with all your work. You can help me with the strawberries. I do not find like to do them. Thank you. My @ is
    thank you very much

  9. fantastic! I can't imagine how you can make it so precisely O_o

  10. Beautiful cakes, but where is it use?

  11. WOW!! I want to eat it!! LoL That looks awesome!

  12. They look real enough to eat. BRAVA!

  13. Is that ever Precious...cakes! Do you list any and sell them ever?

  14. oh good! it's so realistic! what immagination! bravo!

  15. That looks good enough to eat. Yum!

  16. Great!!! Very usefull !!! Thank you very much. Best regards