Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Making large oval beads

Beads like these:

I am pretty sure there is a lot easier way to do oval beads, but the more complicated the process is, the more interesting it is for me :))) And I think my way is very economic, uses mostly scrap clay.
The working area:
A two-layered square of clay. A layer of scrap clay at the bottom, the layer of nice ochre clay on the top. Lots of canes.

Filling area with canes' slices:
If you are interested in the process of filling are with cane slices go to see a slide show :) (I didn't out it in a blog, as it's a bit heavy)

Rolling out a flowery clay sheet:

Now it is smooth, except for the edges of the sheet.

Wrap a knitting needle in scrap clay:

Then wrap it into a slice of a flower sheet, adjust and smooth a joint line:

Cut a cylinder into segments (1.5 cm in my case)

Gently shape segments into ovals. My knitting needle is quite thick, so the hole in a bead will be quite wide, for the thick rope (as the one used on the photo above).
Bake the beads (I made a few pillow beads from flower sheet leftovers)

Here is the result


  1. great idea for making oval beads...I never thought of shaping the ovals while they were on the needle...

  2. Thanks, Dora! I am looking for a thin needle now :)))

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  4. Beautiful beads and a really simple method.
    Look in charity shops for knitting needles, you can usually get a pair for about 20p.