Saturday, 27 June 2009

My first "outing" :)

I was thrilled when the organizers of Newcastle Craft mafia offered me to join their group. On the website there is a photo of us from our first meting, I am the one in the center in a grey jacket :).
It was so wonderful to meet all these creative people (which are a lot more professional in crafts than me) and I feel very privileged to be in a group :).
Coming Thursday we are going to have our first group stall at The Art Works galleries in Newcastle, which is going to be my very first "outing" :))
I am very nervous about it :))
I took out of the draws all my beads to finish them into jewellery, they covered the whole table! I didn't realize, how far I went with clay :)))
Some mess in my clay room:

My table:

The Russian doll was bought by my husband when he visited me in Russia, it lives in my room now :))

I have lots of different findings, but I never have what I need :))

I continue experimenting with additives in clay. Paprika is certainly my favorite! Two sides of one paprika heart:

Do you remember my beaded beads? I decided to finish them as pendants on a chain.

I need to replace a wire inside the golden one. I've temporarily put a copper wire in it.
Bracelets, as usual :)


  1. I love the heart! Congrats for being asked to join the group! Can't wait to get your beads!

  2. good luck with your outing, I'm sure you'll have so much fun :)

  3. Thank you all for your support! :) I will tell how it went! :))

  4. Hello!
    I found you clicking here and there,
    Your work is so beautifull!!!
    You have a new fan.