Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dremel workstation

I just wanted to show my latest very handy purchase - Dremel workstation.
To insert your Dremel tool into its holder, you have to remove the cover from the tip of a tool.

Then fix it well in a holder of a workstation.

To insert a drill bit into the tool I normally hold a tool at an angle. With the tool fixed at the angle you can also polish your beads without holding a heavy Dremel.

I've got some clamp pliers to hold beads while drilling them. I still need to stick some rubber to the insides of the pliers, so they didn't scratch the surface of my beads.

You have to lower the drill bit into the bead VERY slowly,especcially at near the exit from the bead. Otherwise you will end up with a massive hole at the side of the bead where drill bit comes out of it. Like this :))

The other way to avoid ruining your bead, you can drill it to the middle from one side of the bead, then turn the bead upside down, and drill it to the middle from the opposite side.

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  1. how mush this insrument? have other method for drilling holes in beads?