Friday, 17 February 2012

Sculpting faces

I am slowly getting back to clay, stretching my fingers and scratching the right side of my brain head. After I put little Ross to sleep I sacrifice a couple of hour of my own sleep to clay.
I am not interested in making jewellery at the moment, have no inspiration for jewellery making whatsoever. So I decided to try myself in something else - in doll-making. Made a couple of faces so far :)) The first face was a bit of a Martian looking

Second face I made yesterday was a little better, I think :))

With my speed I will probably make a doll by the end of the year :))


  1. That's very impressive Zu. Let us know your progress.

  2. Nice to see you in blogland!!!! Amazing work with the faces and so creative to go on a new path. I am excited to see where this goes!!! What happend to your jewelry making? I sort of having the same "trouble"....

  3. Hi Jo and Lone! Thank you for your comments! I hope this my new obcession will go somewhere good :)) Lone, you are knitting wonderful things, it is just as good as making jewellery! :))

  4. Brilliant faces. You are so clever with that polymer clay.

  5. So happy to see you back with the clay! It is not easy to find the time or energy when you have a small baby! Your faces are amazing, I cannot imagine how to do that. Looking forward to seeing more!

  6. They are brilliant! You have so much talent! It shines through everything you do!
    I know it is so hard to find some time when you have a little baby! It is always the question: to sleep or to clay!

  7. У тебя здорово получается!
    Так совпало, что я тоже сейчас воспитываю младшую (6 мес), и начала изучать анатомию - тоже мечтаю сделать куклу ) Была удивлена совпадением ) Только я еще не налепилась бижутерии, поэтому все же хочу совмещать.
    Но о лепке пока только мечтаю, надеюсь вернуться к ней через пол года-годик.
    Как дела у Росса?

  8. Your faces are wonderful, I actually like your first face it looks like it has a sterner expression to the softer second one. Can't wait to see more