Friday, 15 June 2012

New flowery jewellery

I had a chance to get to my craft table for a bit, decided to make something I know how to do well :))) All new items are now in my shop


  1. These are all yummy, Zuleykha!! Glad you had time to work a bit. Taking care of a little one sure takes up all your time, but it is such a joy! Your flowers are beautiful!

  2. These are so pretty Zuleykha you have been very busy I am sure your little one takes up much of your time but time well spent.
    I have recently finished a flower necklace it is on my blog if you are intersted to see it.

  3. Hi Jackie! I really liked your necklace! Wonderful piece! I just couldn't leave a comment on your blog, couldn't pass the captcha

  4. Beautiful! Glad you haven't forgotten how!

  5. Hi there,
    What a lovely neckleces, I just recently got back to my polymer clay table ( I have two small children;) and I am in the middle of creating some flower neckeces for my older daughter:))