Monday, 15 October 2012

Doll sculpting class with Claudine Roelens

It's almost 2 months as I am back from Belgium, but only now I got around writing about it in my english blog :)) The workshop with Claudine was awesome! I have sculpted my first doll with a help from Claudine. I discovered that sculpting dolls is a very serious and labouring process :) We started with making a brass armature (soldering is fun!) and making a polymer clay scull. Untitled Untitled Then we made a body and added legs Untitled Oh my God, making toes is difficult! :)) Untitled Then we sculpted hands. The fingers are almost as OMG! as toes :))) Untitled Untitled Then we added a face, and here is an almost finished doll: Untitled Untitled And here is my fairy all finished. I am very happy with her!
I couldn't not buy one of Claudine's busts. Isn't she gorgeous??? What a hairstyle!
Check out Claudine Roelens's website for more pictures of her works.

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