Saturday, 12 September 2009

"Fence flowers" bracelets and more

I have finally finished a few items and assembled them into jewellery.
I call these bracelets "fence bracelets", because they remind me of fences, almost hidden behind tall flowers :))

All five bracelets on my hand. All together they look like a knight's armor :))

I think, I've mentioned before that Jael's works inspired me to start playing with polymer clay. Now I have tried to make "bone" beads like hers (and Karen Lewis's, of course :) ), using my canes :)


More items to come tomorrow! :)))


  1. How do you have the time to do all these wonderful things??!!

  2. Jo, I don't know, it just happens :)))

  3. Please lend me some of your time!!

  4. Wow! Just visited your blog for the first time. Your work is beautiful. I shall be checking back for more inspiration! Thanks