Sunday, 17 January 2010

Waiting for spring

Making flower bracelets and wearing three at a time :))
Just kidding :)) Although I like it how three bracelets look together. Nice and bright.

Posted them in my Etsy shop
Following my experiments on making beads with metallic frames I have made a few more new shapes.

I am not sure how to use them yet, other than using them as pendants :)) Do you have any ideas?


  1. Your work is just lovely. I tried to make the apple by following your tutorial and it didn't turn out. How do you keep the fingerprints off your clay? I usually sand them off - but couldn't cause of the pastels. I apologize if you've explained this before - I've just recently found your blog and have been inspired to try clay again. Thanks!

  2. They look fabulous, do you make the metal frames for your clay bead items, I didn't realise this, you are so clever.

  3. Kim, to keep fingerprints off I have working in gloves.
    Kella, I don't make metallic frames, I am not that clever :))) I just buy what I can find :))

  4. The finished product looks beautiful.

  5. Hi! Gordeous again! Perhaps you can use those with more "eyes" as beads in necklaces, can combine them with beads all other shapes - flat, piramydal,... Regards from Fimolandija!

  6. I love your blog -- we're both doing the virtual bead soup and I thought I'd check out some of the participants. Beautiful things!


  7. Love your work. The Bridal jewelry is very pretty.

    I, too, am a Bead Soup participant and am enjoying visiting the rest of you.

    You might be able to incorporate your metal frame beads as part of a clasp too.