Monday, 1 March 2010

Cara's flower cane

Lovely Cara from Surfingcat has made a flower cane using my tutorial. As I told her in a letter, it is not the first time I see students making this cane better than me :) I love it!


  1. Thank you for being so kind. You are too modest though because your canes are much better than mine.

    I guess it is often the way though, you prefer someone else's work. I guess for me this is often becuase things don't quite look how they did in my mind when I started the project.

    Your tutorial is excellent and very easy to follow. This was my first attempt at this cane and I was stunned with the results. It worked out better than I thought. The colours I used were Peppermnt Blue Fimo and for the darker colour I mixed a bit of black into some more Peppermint blue to make a darker shade.

  2. Sorry don't know what I was thinking about I made this in Premo Turquoise not Fimo at all (I realised when I looked at the colour of the transparent in the picture). I have been trying out different brands. What brand do you use Zuleykha?

  3. I mainly use Fimo classic :)

  4. Hello Zuleykha,
    I love your curled up flowers and I would like to purchase the tutorial. However, I'm not an etsy member and don't want to sign up at the moment. Is there any way I could buy it from you directly and pay you via paypal?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Saltyfish, no problem at all :) Could you please write me to, so I had your e-mail?