Thursday, 11 March 2010

A fruit pie and cupcakes

Is it a lunch time yet? :)) These polymer clay treats make me hungry :)))

A little fruit cake:

And two cupcakes. Cupcakes are very popular in all kinds of crafts. In our Newcastle craft mafia quite a few girls are doing something with cupcakes. Cassandra prints them on t-shirts (tea shirts, as she calls them :))), Amanda makes them of felt, girls from Pet Lamb Patisserie bake real ones. Now I will add my polymer clay ones :)
White cream:

Pink cream:


  1. Yum, they are so good eeehm I mean beautiful!!! ;-D
    How can you make such perfect fruit and so little?! :-O

  2. you truly are talented.

  3. They are beautiful, they look tiny and perfect. I am tempted to try some myself.

  4. How do you make the frosting look like real frosting? It's amazing.

  5. 上來打聲招呼,祝你一切平安!........................................

  6. Your desserts are just GORGEOUS and SO realistic. You must have tiny hands (and great vision) to make them so beautiful and small....and PERFECT!